2016 'Victor' Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

2016 'Victor' Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

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Victor is the pinnacle of winemaking at De Beaurepaire Wines. Made in stellar vintages which produce remarkable fruit. Our Cabernet Sauvignon is quite unique for Australia due to our cool climate. It has an exceptionally long hang time on the vines with vintage in April and sometimes May. This leads to softer tannins, normally seen in older Cabernets, due to tannin polymerisation commencing on the vine rather than requiring bottle aging. Despite the flavour intensity, it is a structured and elegant wine. Long and soft tannins. There is none of the often-herbaceous character of this variety in our wines (nor in our other cabernets), as we have focused on achieving full ripeness in the vineyard.


Named after our ancestor Victor-Xavier-Marguerite, Marquis de Beaurepaire, who established our line of the family outside of France and led to us emigrating to Australia

The de Beaurepaire family’s estate is in the hills above Rylstone in the Central Ranges of NSW. 53 hectares of vines were planted in 1998. The vineyard is 150km inland and above 600m altitude with a North-East aspect. Soil structure is sandy-loam mixed with limestone; the temperature range is as cool as Tasmania and Central Otago through the growing season; and the climate is inland/continental (large day/night variation) creating a terroir similar to Burgundy (the ancestral home of the de Beaurepaire family for nearly 1200 years).

Sourced from A Block (oldest block in vineyard) with an average age of 18 years at time of harvest.
Harvest (yield): Individually selected parcels of Cabernet Sauvignon were handpicked on 2 April 2016 with a Baume of 13.7.
Vintage Conditions: 2016 started quite wet, requiring active trellis management, but for the final 3 months was dry and hotter than average producing a vintage approximately 2 weeks earlier than average.

100% destemmed. Very slowly pressed with 3 days of cold soaking at 5 degrees. Fermented traditionally in open vats with maceration for 15 days in potter style tanks.

Final maturation was in a mixture of extra finely grained, medium toasted new Seguin Moreau (French) hogheads for 17 months.

A full bodied, yet elegant cool climate Cabernet Sauvignon with complex aromatics and floral notes from good acidity. Bold blackcurrant, liquorice and black cherry flavours with subtle earthy and coffee undertones on the palate with fine-grained lengthy tannins and a long, sustained finish.


Roasted pork, lamb or beef dishes that capitalise on caramelisation of fats and juices with a sturdy well- made jus (or gravy) will sing ‘hallelujah’! Accompany with the sweetness of quality roasted potato and onions and you will be in epicurean heaven. Wonderful with a rich pâté pre-or post-dinner.

Cellaring Potential: 25-30 years
Serving Temperature: 17 to 18 degrees C / 63 to 65 degrees F